Terms of Use

Chapter 1 : General Provisions


Article 1 [Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the terms and conditions of use, rights, obligations and responsibilities between bisecu Inc (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") and its customers in providing the Company to its customers using the bisecu App and Web Services as well as the procedures to be followed.


Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

① Definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows.

1. bisecu app, web (hereafter referred to as "service"): The customer registers, controls, monitors and manages the devices sold by the Company and affiliated partner interlocking devices through a smart phone application or Internet browser.

2. Application: A program that is installed on a smartphone and configured to use the service

3. Smart Locking Device: A Smart Locking Device refers to a product equipped with a smart function (such as remote communication function) that the Company manufactures, sells, and distributes. It is mounted on the product for "services" such as communication modules. Includes hardware and software

4. Content: Any other information such as documents, photos, videos.

5. Customer Center: Internet bulletin board, call center or email support that perform services such as service use guide, change, termination, customer complaint handling.

② Definitions of terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall be defined in the relevant statutes and service-specific information, except as provided in this Article.


Article 3 (Effect and Change of Terms)

① The Company publishes the contents of this agreement in the application so that it can be easily understood by customers.

② The Company may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws and regulations such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms, the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, and the Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce.

③ If the Company amends the terms and conditions, it shall specify the date of enforcement of the existing terms and conditions of revision, the reasons for revision, and the contents of the amendment, Or changes of significant matters from 30 days before to the day before the effective date.

④ In accordance with Paragraph 3, the revised Terms and Conditions shall take effect at the end of the notice period set forth in Paragraph 3 unless expressly stated otherwise by the Customer.

⑤ The customer has the right not to agree to the modified terms, and can stop using the service and request withdrawal from service. Customer's continued use of the Service after the Effective Date of the changed Terms shall be deemed to be the acceptance of the changes to these Terms and Conditions.

Article 4 (Ruling Rules)

This Agreement shall apply to the use of the Services and any matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws or regulations.


Chapter 2 : Contractors


Article 5 (Establishment of Use Contract)

① The service use contract is established when the customer who wants to use the service reads and agrees the terms, sets the customer ID and password, and the Company approves the application.

② In collecting and using personal information of the customer, the Company observes the relevant laws and regulations such as information communication network use promotion and information protection law and the Company's personal information handling policy. The Company collect consent for collecting, using, etc., separately.

③ The Company provides information to enable the customer to accurately understand the following items before using the paid service.

1. Identify and select paid services or switch to paid customers

2. Selection of payment method and input of payment information

3. Confirmation of application for use of paid service or consent of confirmation of Company

④ In order for the customer to use the paid service, he / she must agree to the terms and pay the usage fee according to the terms of use of each service.


Article 6 (Application for Use)

① The customer agrees to these Terms and Conditions, and enters the service application information. The entered customer's personal information is deemed to be actual information of the customer, and the customer who does not input the actual information can not receive legal protection, You may be subject to restrictions.

② The service is not available to individuals under the age of 14, and if you are under 14 years of age, you must thoroughly review and understand these Terms and Conditions together with your legal representative or guardian. The legal representative or guardian must also be aware of the risks of using the service by minors over the age of 14 and take appropriate protective measures.

③ Notwithstanding Paragraph 2 above, payment for paid services may be made only for adults aged 19 and over.

④ In the case of family service (less than 5 persons), the customer who applies for the service shall bear all responsibility for the use of the service by the member and the truthfulness of the information concerned.


Article 7 (Limitation of consent for application for use)

The Company shall not accept the application for the use of the service falling under any of the following subparagraphs:

1. In the case of application in the name of another person

2. If the submission information or the contents of the document are false

3. If you have applied for a violation of law or for the purpose of hindering social well-being and order or morals.

4. If you want to use the service for fraudulent purposes

5. Application for the purpose of pursuing profit

6. If a customer has terminated the use contract in violation of law or conditions

7. Miscellaneous in case the violation of the provisions of this Agreement or the requirement for application prescribed by the Company is insufficient


Chapter 3 : Service Use


Article 8 (Commencement of Use of Services)

① The service is available from the time the Company accepts the customer's application for use. However, the service may be started on the specified date for some services.

② If the Company cannot start the service due to business or technical difficulties, it will notify the application or service homepage or notify the customer.

③ The Company provides the application to the customer, and the customer can use the service by downloading and installing the application on the service-enabled smartphone designated by the Company. However, there may be differences in application configuration and functions depending on the type of smartphone service available, the type and version of smartphone OS.


Article 9 (Service Use)

① The customer can install the application and use the service through the download page in the application store or service provided by the smartphone manufacturer and the communication company.

② The service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a special obstacle in business or technology of the Company. However, in the case of Article 10, all or part of the service may be restricted or discontinued.

③ In order to provide better service to customers, only customers who agree to use location information can provide services using location information collected through smart phone.

(4) The location-based service described in (4) is provided with the location information of the location information provider, which may cause errors or errors in the location information according to the circumstances of the location information provider. In the event of errors or errors, the Company shall not be liable for such errors.

⑤ The Company may add or change the contents of the service if necessary. However, in such cases, the Company will notify the customer in advance.


Article 10 (Restrictions and Discontinuation of Services)

① The Company may restrict or discontinue all or part of the Services in any of the following cases:

1. System inspection, expansion, maintenance, replacement or unexpected difficulties.

2. In case of interruption of normal service due to power outage, disorder of facilities or runaway usage

3. If the service cannot be maintained due to the Company's circumstances, such as termination of the contract with the location information provider or affiliate

4. If the Company ceases to provide services due to management's deterioration such as deterioration in business performance

5. If the customer interferes with the Company's business activities

6. If there is any other unavoidable reason such as the telecommunication service provider terminates the telecommunication service by the Telecommunications Business Act

7. If a force majeure such as natural disasters or national emergencies occurs or is likely to occur

② If the Company restricts or discontinues all or part of the services pursuant to Paragraph 1 above, the Company shall notify the reasons for the suspension and the date and time through the method of Paragraph 1 of Article 3 in advance. However, this is not the case if it can not be announced in advance due to restriction or interruption of service due to reasons beyond the Company's control.


Article 11 (Management of Posts)

The Company may delete or suspend the provision of services to the customer if any of the postings including the information and materials within the service posted by the customer are included in any of the following items , The Company shall not be liable for this.

1. Content that defamates or insults the Company or a third party.

2. To disseminate or link information or texts that violate laws or morals and customs.

3. If the contents violate all rights including copyrights of the Company or third party

4. When you send commercial or spam ads for profit

5. If it is objectively recognized as being connected with a crime

6. If the company determines that it does not conform to the nature of the service (e.g. political judgment or religious opinion)

7. If it is judged to be in violation of related laws and regulations

8. Other posts that are deemed unsuitable due to sound common sense


Article 12 (Ownership of Rights)

① The Company owns all intellectual property rights and ownership rights or licenses, including copyrights to the service and information and materials posted by the Company in the service.

② The Company owns all intellectual property rights and ownership or licenses related to the service, including all trademarks, service symbols, logos, and CIs.

③ Customer shall not use the information or materials obtained by using the service for commercial purposes or for the third party by copying, public transmission, publishing, distribution or other methods without prior consent of the Company.


Chapter 4 : Obligations of Contracting Parties


Article 13 (Obligations of the Company)

① The Company strives to provide stable service as stipulated by this Agreement and related laws.

② The Company shall deal with the opinions or complaints submitted by the customers related to the service through the appropriate procedures if it is found to be justified and use the notices about the opinions or complaints submitted by the customers, , And other electronic communication means to notify the customer of the process, schedule, and results.

③ The Company shall comply with the procedures and methods stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations in relation to the protection of the personal information of the customer, publicize the privacy policy and observe and comply with the personal information of the customer.

④ The Company does not collect, use or provide the customer's information to the third party without the consent of the customer in connection with the provision of the service. However, except as otherwise agreed by the customer or provided for in the relevant laws and regulations.

⑤ The Company can monitor on a regular basis to check whether the service is suitable for the service purpose.


Article 14 (Obligations of Customer)

① Customer must comply with the provisions of this Agreement and relevant laws and regulations, and should not interfere with other Company's business.

② The customer shall not use the service for purposes other than the purpose of providing the service or rent the service to a third party at will.

③ Customer is responsible for the management of customer's personal information, and the Company shall not be held responsible for the damage caused by leakage of information due to the cause of the customer.

④ Customer should not provide false information to the Company, such as personal information necessary for the use of the service.

⑤ Customer shall not attempt to evade, attempt to change or misuse security technologies or software used to provide services or perform business of the Company in accordance with these Terms, or to act as a teacher or aiding third party to do such actions . If you do this, you have all of the responsibilities associated with it.

⑥ When using the service, the customer should not do any of the following acts.

1. Falsifying facts when applying for changing usage, stealing or illegally using another user's ID and password

2. Theft of personal or billing information of another customer or third party;

3. Copy, imitate or modify the Services

4. Copying, modifying information posted by the Company in the Services

5. Use of information or materials obtained through the use of the Service for commercial purposes or for use by third parties by means of reproduction, public transmission, publication, distribution or other means without the Company's prior consent.

6. Defame the Company or any third party.

7. Acts that infringe any rights of the Company or third party including copyright

8. To post or disseminate information in violation of laws or ordinances

9. Any act that interferes with the normal service provision of the Company by using services, such as by using an automatic access program

10. Publish or distribute malicious programs, viruses, and other materials containing such contents that cause destruction, confusion, disruptions of services.

11. Transmitting information, advertising information or transmitting illegal spam

that may interfere with the stable operation of the service

12. Collect, store or disclose personal information (including accounts) of other customers, or arbitrarily transform information posted by other customers in the Service

13. Assigning, distributing or using the service to a third party with content that is not the function of transferring, lending or using the ID to a third party other than the user or other rights provided by the Company.

14. Any other act prohibited by other relevant laws or not other socially accepted manner


Chapter 5 : Termination of Contract and Restriction of Use

Article 15 (Contract Amendment and Termination)

① If the customer wishes to change the contract of use corresponding to one of the following items, he / she can apply through the customer center telephone or service homepage.

1. If you want to change the service type

2. If the customer wishes to transfer or transfer the license to a third party

3. When changes are necessary

② If the customer intends to terminate the service use contract, he / she can apply for it directly through the service homepage or customer center and terminate the use contract.

③ The Company may terminate the service use contract if the customer has violated the customer's obligations stipulated in the terms of Article 14.

④ If the Company intends to terminate the use agreement pursuant to Paragraph 3, the customer shall be notified of the reasons for the cancellation 5 days before the date of termination, and give the opportunity to appeal to the customer when notifying the reason for termination. However, in the event that the Company can not give notice due to the reason for which it is not responsible, it shall be deemed to have been notified by posting the service homepage.


Article 16 (Suspension of Use)

① The Company may limit or suspend all or part of the Services immediately if the Customer falls under any of the following subparagraphs:

1. Article 14 violates customer's obligations stipulated in the agreement.

2. In case of violating other relevant laws and regulations

② When the Company intends to restrict or suspend the use of the service pursuant to Paragraph 1, the Company shall notify the customer by using the Service by setting the reason, date and time. However, if it is deemed necessary to limit or suspend the use of the Company in an emergency, the Company may notify the Company after limiting or discontinuing use of the Service. You are deemed to have been notified.

③ A customer who receives notice of restriction or suspension of use of service pursuant to Paragraph 2 may file a complaint in accordance with the procedure set by the Company in case of objection to the service.

④ The Company shall make use of the Service promptly only when it is confirmed that the cause has been resolved during the restriction or suspension period of the service, or when there is a reason for the complaint of the customer.

⑤ If the customer has not paid the service fee, the membership is maintained but the fee service is not available and the service is available again upon payment.


Article 17 (Disclaimer)

① The Company shall not be liable to Customer if it can not provide services due to force majeure including natural disasters, national emergency, government or regulatory orders.

② The Company shall not bear any responsibility for restriction or discontinuation of the service due to Article 10.

③ The Company shall not bear any responsibility for the customer if the Company can not provide the service or damages to the customer due to the cause of the customer or the violation of the obligation of the customer under this contract.

④ Failures and errors of smart home devices owned by customers, malfunctions and errors of smart phones equipped with applications, and communication means (including wired / wireless communication, Wi-Fi and other internet communication supporting devices) The Company shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss or damage caused by failure to provide services or any other reason.

⑤ The Company shall not be liable to the Customer if the Customer fails to provide the Service due to the cause of the partner related to the provision of the Service or if the Customer causes damage to the Customer.

⑥ The Company shall not be liable for the loss or loss of the profits that the customer expects to use the service, and if the customer loss or damages the information or materials acquired by using the service, it does not bear any responsibility for it.

⑦ The Company shall not be liable for the reliability and accuracy of the facts related to the posting of all kinds of information and materials posted by the customer on the service, and shall not be responsible for any disputes arising out of or related to the service between the customer and the third party. No liability to intervene and no liability to compensate for any damages resulting therefrom. In this regard, if the Company has indemnified a third party for damages or has incurred other expenses, the Company may exercise its right of appeal to such customer.

⑧ The Company has no obligation to confirm or review the contents of the post before posting any information or material such as information on the service, and assumes no responsibility for the result.

⑨ The Company shall not bear any responsibility for the contents or quality of products or services for which advertisements are made through the service.

⑩ The Company has no obligation to intervene or monitor the transactions between the customers through the service or between the customers and the third parties, and assumes no responsibility for them.

⑪ In the event of an infringement such as the communication means (including wired / wireless communication, Wi-Fi and other internet communication supporting devices) used by the customer and communication contents in the communication section or leak of customer's personal information, the Company do not bear responsibility.

⑫ The service is provided based on the domestic service in Korea. If the service becomes unavailable to the customer or damage or loss caused by the customer, the Company takes no responsibility.

⑬ In principle, the Company shall not be liable for damages incurred in connection with the use of the service by customers free of charge.

⑭ If the Company receives various complaints, such as claims for damages or lawsuits, from a third party or a regulatory agency due to the customer's reasons such as violation of this Terms of Service or tort, If the Company is not indemnified, the customer must compensate to the Company for any damages incurred.


Chapter 6 : Other


Article 18 (Notification and Information to Customer)

① Company announcement such as guide to customer is done through application or service homepage.

② The Company may provide customers with various information or materials necessary for their use of the service through the application or service homepage.


Article 19 (Partial Invalidity)

If the provisions of this Agreement are invalidated by the relevant laws and regulations, the remaining provisions will remain the same.


Article 20 (Adjustment of Disputes, etc.)

① Matters that are not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea, such as the Telecommunications Business Act, the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act.

② If there is a dispute between the Company and the Customer, the Company shall resolve the case through mutual consultation. However, if the parties cannot resolve the case, the Company may file a case with the Seoul Central District Court.

③ The terms of this agreement are governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.


Supplementary Provisions Article 1 (Effective Date)

These Terms will be effective September 1, 2018.