The Most Advanced Technology 

for Shared Micro-mobility

E-bike Sharing Solution Bisecu Plus

Bisecu can detect the location of the fleet and collect its riding data. It is a connected sharing solution that can physically control the fleet and its service remotely.


E-bike Control

E-bike controller is self-regulating can control PAS mode and it provides accurate information(battery status etc.).

Invalid Return Prevention

It detect the environment of parking area automatically so it prevents to lock unauthorized service area, inside parking.

4 Riding Data Sensors

Embedded 4 motion detect sensors can detect its movement, inclination and its speed.

Intelligent Lighting System

It is with embedded illuminance sensor can detect day and night then it is automatically On-off the light.

Fully Automatic Locking

It offers Lock-unlock remote controll system via App or server,not by users controll physically.

GPS Tracking

It is with embedded GPS offers accurate location information within margin of error of 2.5m Max.

LPWA Network


It support LTE-M, LTE-Cat.1 and other diverse network.

Bisecu Plus

Intelligent Light System

Bisecu Plus is with embedded intelligent light system.
It can automatically control On-off and intensity of its light via illuminance sensor and speed sensor. This system automatically turns on the light and it provides the best riding experience in the night.